On Thursdays, I always share a poem with you—one I love or one I’ve written. Today’s poem is one I wrote called The Good Wife. I hope you enjoy.


The Good Wife

She is holding a spatula
in her hand
when her husband comes home
from work, barking

about how she forgot to
turn on the oven vent and did she
buy more milk?

She is just standing there,
holding her spatula
in the air like a white flag,
eyes wide, and mouth

Then she says, Yes dear,
here’s the milk
you wanted.
is real life.

Yes, in real life her mouth
is moving and she is saying that
thing about the milk, but in her mind’s eye
she is not holding
the spatula at all.


She is picking up that carton
and roaring like a caged

hurling as hard as she can
across the room, screaming
that if a person cared so much
about an oven vent, he should learn to cook
for himself.

Milk everywhere, just

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