The Thursday tradition continues, where I share with you a poem with you I’ve written, or one I love. Today’s poem is one I wrote called Love Goes On. I hope you like it!


Love Goes On

I have not seen you
in seven days

The last time we spoke on the phone
was when
you were driving out of town.
I was beautiful to you then…

but now?

Well, now, love goes on—
a train leaving the station,
a plane taking flight,

that feeling you get when
you realize you might be
one minute too late
to make it.

But love
does not stop.
It keeps on going and going and flowing
and then coming back around

It keeps us up at night,
and early in the morning,

Love goes down
to your bones,
to your toes,
to the places

and spaces
you did not even know

before love did
what love does.
Its very nature.
Its purpose.

Love draws us forward.
It pulls us in.
It keeps on loving us
long after we thought
it was done.

Love goes on and on and on.

I tried to stop loving you but
I couldn’t, so
instead I stopped trying
to stop.

Love is like that.
It calls to us from the future, from the past,
from thirty thousand feet in the air
or two hundred miles down the track.
It whispers to us,

a freight train,
a jet plane—
a wild and powerful

Love goes on and on and on
without our even
knowing it.

2 comments on “Love Goes On (A Poem)

  1. Hi Ally! I very much enjoyed this poem and I’m so glad that you are sharing these talents with us. Your writing workshop in San Diego inspired me, especially the “Where I’m From” poem activity. It opened up a new creative outlet for me and I am so grateful! Thanks again for all that you do!

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