You Can’t Do It All

The thing about dreaming is you can have infinite dreams, but you can’t have infinite priorities.

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You can’t do it all.

We like to think we can, don’t we? We like to think we can be in two places at once, have innumerable friends and activities, be the perfect wife and mother, or husband and father, and also have the perfect career.

We like to think we can have a full social life and also get the dishes done, keep the laundry clean.

We’d all like for others to think this about us, too. But it would be so much easier if we would just admit it—we can’t do it all. Wouldn’t this be better for everyone involved?

We can do a few things really well, but we can’t do it all.

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s so easy to get stuck believing I can do it all.

I’ve watched other people do it—be the super mom who also has a thriving career, be the business-owner who is smart and savvy and profitable (and still responds to e-mails in a timely manner), be the woman who works and volunteers and travels and still always shows up looking fantastic.

But I’m only watching from the outside and, on the inside I know—you can’t do it all.

We can do a few things really well, but we can’t do it all. So no more guilt, no more fear, no more stretching-ourselves-too-thin allowed. Each time we commit ourselves to one thing, we preclude ourselves from another.

You can have infinite dreams, but only a few priorities.

What are yours?

9 comments on “You Can’t Do It All

    • Linda: yep, that was my thought. My wife and I have been able to do it all but several things at a time during the different seasons of our lives.

      I am blessed by the woman God gave me!

  1. I have a good friend who is 67 years old and still seems like she does it all! She loves to cook big meals with desserts every day, shops for her grandchild, helps her neighbors and works part time 3-4 days a month. And the miracle is, I am glad for her and not jealous of all her energy. I have accepted that I cannot do it all. I still work out at a gym at 65 years old and on those days don’t do much in the house. I sure do not want to work for pay! ha

  2. Learning to say no to certain things is so empowering.

    I have found that a newborn daughter nudged me to reshape priorities and place things on hold. For me, I need/want to focus on my daughter and am still learning when to wisely say “no” to other opportunities that might arise.

  3. This is a thought I’ve been working around my head lately. I see all these amazing women doing awesome ministry through writing books, speaking, blogging etc. We all yearn for significance. I have to remind myself that significance comes in many forms and what form has God called me to.
    I can’t do everything, I am only to do what God created me to do and do that with excellency.
    Thank you for your gift of writing and sharing your heart!

  4. Thanks for the reminder about this, Allison. I have been writing and thinking recently about the difference between what we see on “the outside” and what actually takes place on “the inside”. I make so many assumptions about someone’s inside (and how easy it is) based on the little bit I see of the put together and seemingly limitless outside. Here’s to limits and the right commitments!

  5. True.
    Having to live according to priorities will make us originals. Trying to do everything will certainly turn us into copies. I think the reason why ‘time’ has been set within a numbered span ( 24 hours, 31 days, 12 months…) is to teach us how to select what matters the most and what should be done within the time given by God to us.

  6. Thanks for sharing this.

    No more guilt for activities that I could not do in life, since what I could do is also appreciated.
    Lets be free from all guilt and happy.
    Happy new year to you!

    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,

  7. My priorities are Faith, family then everything else. We have a special needs child, so there is a lot of prayer here. My almost 81 year old Father keeps passing out and no one knows why. I hope to find some help to finish my songs and record them so Daddy can hear them. Most of my songs are Christian songs inspired by God because of our little boy, Chase. He was a 2# preemie diagnosed with Down Syndrome after birth. He’s had 10 surgeries and countless procedures, and is the most amazing gift God has blessed us with. My sweet husband gave up his career to come home and learned to care for him. We’ve worked hard at getting Chase to where he is now–something doctors didn’t think possible. But we know that “He Chose Me” to be the mother of this child. Thanks for listening and God Bless you and your ministry.

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