I wrote this poem recently for a friend after a long conversation about all the things we worried about for the future. After we talked, I walked away and the words that came over me went like this: how could you possibly be afraid? All is love. You are swimming in love. I hope you enjoy.

Swimming in Love

Here we are, just swimming in love
and wondering 
what’s going to happen next Tuesday 
and if this thing or that thing is the right one or
the wrong one.

Here we are
worried about money and bills and
heaven and hell and where to live and
what it means that we have fallen 

And here we are, just swimming in love. 

Here we are—just swimming in love,
frantic over sales and business growth
and Twitter followings
and who does or doesn’t “like” us

And here we are, my dear,
just swimming, swimming, swimming
in love.

Here we are, just swimming in love 
and questioning everyone, including ourselves, 
wondering when we’ll be left
next because
we’ve always been left before. 

Here we are, 
waning in strength, in peace, 
in joy, in power 

What we don’t know can hurt us
and what we don’t know is
we’re swimming in love.

I am not afraid of the fire inside of me 
anymore. I am not afraid of my power, or yours
because here we are, more beautiful
than we ever imagined. 

Here we are, just swimming in love. 

4 comments on “Swimming In Love (a Poem)

  1. Thanks, Allison! I really loved this! Reminded me a my journey and how I got from “there” to here…I got here because of love. 🙂

  2. So full of beauty and truth. And though I’ve never never met you, I assume you are, also–brimming with beauty and truth. You’re a blessing Allison. Thank you for writing and for sharing.

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